Ask your pastor (it’s important that leadership gets behind this new way to give!) to share Kindrid Giving from the stage during Sunday services. Use the talking points below on your Launch Sunday.

Don't forget about visual aids! Take advantage of your engagement materials.

1. Thank them for their giving 💝 

"We want to take a minute and just say ‘Thank You!’ for your faithful giving. Every dollar helps us fulfill God’s vision for our church and our community. Your support of that vision is something worth celebrating!”

2. Announce this new way to give 📣 

"We’re excited to tell you about a new way you can participate in the vision of our church! We now offer text and online giving through a technology called Kindrid Giving. That means you can give instantly, in-service, at home, or on the go. In a minute, I’m going to show you just how simple it is, so pull out your phones if you want to try it out.”

3. Emphasize security 🔒 

“Kindrid Giving is safe. Our giving partner maintains the same level of security as banks. And if you ever need to change your payment information or edit or refund a gift, you can just text ‘EDIT’ or follow the online prompts.” 

4. Tie digital giving to impact 🙌 

“We’re committed to pursuing God’s vision for our community. A major part of that is your ability to participate and take ownership in that vision. Kindrid Giving allows us all to join together and transform our community. Even more of your money can be put to work if you set up your bank account through Kindrid Giving, rather than using a credit or debit card. ”

5. Invite your church to try it 📱 🎉 

“If this is your first time using Kindrid Giving, grab your phone (yes, here in church!) and text 'GIVE' to our giving number here on the screen to try it out! You’ll be prompted to fill out a one-time registration form and after that, giving again is as simple as sending a single text. We’ll follow up after service with email instructions about how to give. Thank you for your participation in this, and for your generous giving!”

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