Our team is excited to announce that your Kindrid account has now been transitioned to Payment Brands processing.

Here are some FAQ’s for you to look through. 

1. Does this mean my processing rates will change?

Nope! Your processing rates will stay the same. If you’re unsure of your current processing rates structure, feel free to send us an email at support@kindrid.com

2. Will my deposit frequency change?

All one-time and recurring gifts will continue to process as scheduled with no delays or interruptions. Additionally, this transition will be seamless and require no action on your part.

All churches are defaulted to a daily automatic deposit. If you'd prefer to switch to a manual deposit, send us an email at support@kindrid.com.

Additionally, all churches are defaulted to net deposits. If you'd prefer to switch to gross deposits, send us an email at support@kindrid.com

3. How will I know what a Payment Brands deposit looks like?

Previously, your deposits came from “Kindrid” or “Stripe.” They’ll now show up from Payment Brands or “PYMT Brands.” 

4. Is there anything I need to do to?

If your bank account has ACH restrictions in place, you’ll need to add Payment Brands to your approved list. If this applies to you, please contact your bank at your earliest convenience to approve Payment Brands so as to ensure there are no delays in your ability to receive future deposits or billing: 

Payment Brands’ Company ID: 1043575881

5. Where can I find deposit reports?

On your Kindrid Dashboard, you will see a “Reports” tab. Clicking this tab will open a menu where you can access your deposit reports by clicking "Processing."  (See image)

Click Actions and View Transactions

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