In order to engage 100% of your church in giving, it’s essential to communicate about your giving platform clearly and consistently

Scheduling and preparing for a Launch Sunday is a best practice among our church clients! What’s most impactful, though, is continuing to emphasize stewardship, beyond your initial launch, by weaving generosity into your culture.

Usually, a pastoral, communications, and/or media team owns this. If you’re looking for important first steps for manager dashboard setup (typically an administrative responsibility), check out this Setup Checklist.

Launch Preparation

Take advantage of this Launch Preparation Checklist, a comprehensive guide listing the crucial steps to preparing for an captivating launch. It references many resources, some of which are:

  • Recruit Launch Team
  • Examples of impactful launches

Free Communication Resources

  • Launch Script
  • Engagement Materials

Optimize Website for Generosity

Your organization’s website is a critical platform for engaging givers! It’s highly recommended to update your website by the time you launch.

  • Guide: Website Layout & Verbiage Recommendations to Increase Generosity
  • How to add giving link to your website
  • Examples of awesome church websites

Optimize Communication Platforms for Generosity

Does your organization use social media, email newsletters, bulletins, slide decks, etc. to engage your people? Optimize your digital and printed communication platforms to increase generosity! 

  • Guide: Optimize Communication Materials for Generosity
  • Facebook Integration

After the big launch...

Don’t stop celebrating generosity after Launch! Cultivate a culture of generosity at your church. Check out this guide: Ideas for Keeping Givers Engaged.

Transitioning from Another Solution

Migrating from another solution and have some concerns? Here are resources specifically for you:

  • Guide: Migrating to Kindrid Giving
  • Examples of churches that migrated to Kindrid Giving
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