Kindrid Giving is a platform to engage 100% of your church in generosity. Everything we do - our features, our pricing, our service - is all done to serve your church. 


Give from anywhere!

Equip your givers with the tools to give anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Text Giving

We equip your church with a dedicated phone number so anyone can give to your church instantly and securely via text! 

Online Giving

Your church will have a beautiful, sleek online giving experience. Simply plug your giving link into your church’s website, Facebook page, and any other digital communications (ex. email newsletters). Your givers will be able to give online from any device!


With giving kiosks, members and visitors can directly give on site. 

App Integration

Integrate the simplicity of Kindrid Giving straight into the app of your choice. There’s no more need for your givers to download multiple apps—just plug in your custom online giving link and everyone will be able to give! Check out our recommended custom app solution, MinistryOne.

Facebook Integration

If your church has a Facebook page to connect with your community, adding a Donate button to your page is a great way to encourage giving on a platform that most of us use every day.

Robust Giving Options

We know each church and nonprofit organization has unique needs. Kindrid Giving provides an digital giving solution that is as unique as your church. Flexible payment options ensure you’re in control of your online giving and members can give easily and regularly.

Giver Account Management

Empower your givers to take ownership of their giving! With Kindrid Giving, they can manage their recurring gifts, payment source, and personal information. They can also access their giving history at any time!

Credit, Debit, ACH

Accept the forms of payment that work for your church. Limit and expand on what combinations of credit, debit and/or ACH (eChecks) are going to fit into your mission.

Recurring Gifts

One of the best ways to increase your overall giving and provide forecasting for your church budget is to encourage recurring giving. Members set the frequency at which they give and have the choice to give to multiple funds at separate intervals.

Designated Giving

Givers can easily designate their gift to any fund or campaign your church has made available in your account. 

Multi-fund Giving

Your givers can give to multiple different campaigns in one simple, smooth giving experience.

Allow Givers to Help Cover Processing Fees

With Kindrid Giving, you can offer the option for givers to add a percentage or flat dollar rate to their gift to help cover the cost of processing digital gifts. When enabled, this option adds a line item to your giving page and, when selected by the giver, automatically calculates the additional amount to the gift.

Powerful Administrative Tools

Let Kindrid’s manager dashboard help you manage the data from your online giving. Whether you need your giving data to tell a story, to export to another system and to remain as secure as possible, we have you covered.


Get access to dozens of reports. Take advantage of your real-time gift reporting dashboard and bank reconciliation reporting. Most of the reporting you need will come right from your Kindrid Giving manager dashboard, where you can view a range of custom reports by person, transaction, fund, and date range. Access graphical reports of monthly trends, current automatic recurring giving, forecasting, and more!

ChMS Integrations

Kindrid Giving works with the tools you already have, with integrations into several popular church management software (ChMS). Even without a direct integration, we offer a variety of tools to make importing your data simple.

Fund Management

You can easily customize your Kindrid Giving account so givers can designate their gifts to any of your funds or campaigns. You are not capped to the number of campaigns you have running at any time!

Campus Tracking

Easily manage multiple campuses by creating custom giving pages for each individual site with site specific funds. Campuses can be physical locations or you can create individualized pages for other missions within your church.

Additional Managers

No man is an island! Invite additional administrators to help manage your Kindrid Giving account. Use permissions to limit a manager’s access to certain parts of your dashboard.

Customizable Interface and Messaging

Did you know that givers are 7x more likely to give to a branded giving page vs. an unbranded one? Create your own look and feel with Kindrid Giving by customizing your giving portal, forms, and confirmation messages.


Forms & Event Registration

With our robust Form Management Tool, you’re equipped to create custom forms for special giving campaigns, event registrations, contact forms, and various payments.

Online Store

Included with most price plans, Kindrid Giving provides you with a free online store interface. Customize your logo, choose your colors, and launch your store as soon as you are ready. Manage product details, descriptions, images, and all the items necessary to cleanly display your catalog of products in your manager dashboard.


As your partner in online giving, we will provide you with everything your church needs to launch a generosity campaign, how-to instructions for your members, graphics to share on social media about your tools, sample emails, instructional videos and more!


Kindrid Giving adheres to the industry’s strictest security requirements. Concerning PCI & DSS Compliance Security, intrusion detection, and SSL transaction security, our team and data center goes above and beyond the required procedures.

Dedicated Support Team

Our team is committed to providing your church with the tools and support to increase generosity. We monitor our system 24/7/365. It’s our priority to respond to inquiries quickly (less than 3 minutes during business hours!) and to go above-and-beyond to serve our clients!


No hidden fees. No contracts. Card processing fees are blended rates that cover every major credit/debit card, including American Express.

$45 Monthly Plan

Typically best for organizations with 101-500 givers.

  • Monthly Software Fee: $45.00/month (includes all features listed above with the exception of kiosks)
  • Processing Rates: Credit/Debit Card: 2.6% + 30 cents/giftBank Giving (ACH): 0.75% + 30 cents/gift

$15 Monthly Plan

Typically best for organizations with 0-100 givers.

  • Monthly Software Fee: $15.00/month (includes all features listed above with the exception of kiosks)
  • Processing Rates: Credit/Debit Card: 3.00% + $0.35Bank Giving (ACH): 1.00% + $0.35

Custom Plans

We offer discounted processing rates for churches processing more than $25,000/month through Kindrid Giving.

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