We can't wait to serve you! This guide walks you through the simple application. We also answered a couple of commonly asked questions at the bottom of this article!

Application Walkthrough

Step 1. Click FREE 30 Day Trial. 

You'll find the FREE 30 Day Trial button in the top-right corner of kindrid.com.

Step 2. Join Us

Enter your first and last name, organization name, your email address and phone number, and a promo code (if applicable). 

Lastly, select your preferred pricing plan, then click JOIN NOW.

Step 3. Check your inbox! 📪

You'll receive an email with your manager credentials and login instructions! Use the provided credentials to log in to your manager dashboard.

Step 4. Complete Application

After you log in to your manager dashboard, you'll be greeted with your merchant application. Many fields will already be populated with information from your pre-application. See all required information for your merchant application here.

After completing all required information fields, click Save and Submit. Next, you'll be prompted to...

Step 5. Upload Documentation!

To prevent fraud accounts and money laundering, we verify every new account with official documentation.

💡 PRO TIP: Your account will go live sooner if you upload all 3 documentation options (voided check, driver's license, and/or 501(c)(3) document)! Read more.

Step 6. Anticipate the green light! 

Typically, it takes 1-2 business days to underwrite your account after receiving your merchant account verification documentation. Read more.

Once your account has been underwritten, we'll reach out and with next steps! 

What's next?

Signup FAQ

Check out this article to learn answers to commonly asked questions about the registration process, including:

  • How long does it take to register?
  • How long until we can go live and start receiving gifts?
  • What information is required to sign up?

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