With changes to your church, there is a chance you'll need to update some of your information. Learn more about managing your organization's giving account.

Access Account Information

Navigate to your manager dashboard. Click Organization (top banner) and select Settings from the dropdown menu.

On your Settings page, you'll see:

  1. Billing Settings
    Card or Bank Account used to pay your organization monthly fee.
    👉 Update Billing Information
  2. Organization Settings
    Basic demographic information.
    👉 More below!
  3. Custom Email Templates- Manage your Welcome email for new givers.
    👉 Messaging Customization
  4. Giving Portal - View your primary giving link and adjust basic configuration.
    👉 Configure Your Primary Giving Portal
  5. Cards Accepted Display Settings - Now managed through Forms!
    👉 Accepted Payment Types

Note: If you change any of this information, or need help updating information not available on this page, please send us a message so we can make sure your account is updated accordingly.

Update Basic Organization Settings

On your Settings page, you'll see your Organization Settings, which can be updated directly from your manager dashboard! 

  • Organization Type: Select from Church or Non-Profit.
  • Typical Weekly Attendance: Select from the suggested ranges.

This information doesn't change the functionality, quality, or price of your giving account; it just helps our team serve you to the best of our ability! 😊

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