By default, our system will help you select a 10-digit giving number (ex. 123-456-7890) during your registration. That is a great, simple option for making text giving available at your church. Anyone can use it, as long as they have an SMS-enabled cell phone. 

Q: Does my giving platform offer different options than the standard 10-digit number?

A: Yes, we do!

Short codes are five-digit numbers (ex. 45777 or 45888) and can be a great option for churches with specific wants or needs. Here is some more information about how these short codes work.

  1. The 5-digit giving short code adds $100 to your monthly fee.
  2. Although the short code giving number may seem more convenient for your givers, that is not always the case. To give on a regular 10-digit number, all your givers have to do is type the amount and click send (ex. $50). To give through the 5-digit short code, your givers would have to include a primary keyword for your church in every message. So, instead of typing $100, they would have to type $100 (your custom keyword), otherwise their gift would not process (ex. $100 Life). 
  3. Since the main benefit of the short code is handling large amounts of traffic, we normally suggest this option to churches that are expecting to have 4,000 or more people giving through your giving platform within one service or event.

Short code numbers are assigned upon request, so please let us know if that sounds like a good fit for your church!

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