1. Navigate to your manager dashboard. Click on Organization (top banner) and click Settings. Under the Giving Portal section, click Edit Your Giving Portal
  2. Upload a Header Image, such as your logo.
  3. Edit the Display Name. (This is the name that’s displayed at the top of your giving portal. If your header image contains your church name, or, if you don’t want the name to display, this field can be left blank.)
  4. Edit the Portal Address (Optional). You can customize the end of your giving portal URL. A customized portal address is ideal for printed materials as it is easy for your givers to quickly enter it into their mobile browser to access your giving page.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Now, navigate to Forms, found in the menu on the left side of your manager dashboard. You’ll be brought to your Form Manager, where you can further customize your giving portal.
  7. Click on the form titled Give Now to continue editing your giving portal.
  8. Click Form Properties in the bottom left corner. The Form Properties opens dozens of customization options (Learn more: Online Giving Through Forms), but here are the basics to get “good to give.”
  9. Click in the Payment tab to:
    • Enable recurring giving
    • Enable option for givers to help cover processing fees
    • Limit payment types (ex. Allow only debit cards)
    • Select fund to which gifts should be allocated under Total Amount Fund.*
  10. Click in the Email tab to customize the email confirmation received by your giver.
  11. To save your changes, exit out of the Form Properties window, then click Save (green button in the bottom-right corner of your the form editing page). 
  12. Your giving portal is now live and ready to receive gifts! To access your giving portal URL, return to your settings by clicking Organization (top banner) and selecting Settings from the dropdown menu. Find your primary giving portal URL is in the Giving Portal section!


  • *Your giving portal will not be live until it’s linked to a fund. If there is no Active Fund, the form will status will show "Expired" and will result in a dead link.
  • Dive into Forms to access enhanced customization options for online giving!
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