With giving kiosks, members and visitors can directly give on site! Kiosks are great options for people who prefer to give with their debit or credit card in person

What's a kiosk?

A kiosk is a physical that collects giving with a card reader. Most churches have a tablet and card reader at least, and many also display the tablet by mounting it on a stand and/or securing it in a case. Givers can complete a giving form and swipe their card to give in person.

Kiosk Pricing

Software Fee 

All kiosk options carry a $19 monthly software fee in addition to hardware fees.

Hardware Fee

Kiosk hardware fees vary by model. Choose between a one-time investment or a 24 month lease. Hardware prices include iPad, stand/mount, card reader, etc. 

  1. Floor Stand Lease: $1,699
  2. Table Mount Lease: $1,399
  3. Wall Mount Lease: $1,299
  4. Card Reader Only: $80 per card reader

*If your organization supplies your own iPad (2.0 or newer), deduct $400 from the one-time investment prices listed above.

Order a Kiosk

Complete this Kiosk Purchase Form!

We’ll notify you when your kiosk application is approved! About 5-7 business days later, your kiosk will be ready to ship. We’ll send you tracking information and next steps (installation instructions, connecting wifi, installing app, etc). 

Card readers typically take 2-3 weeks to arrive. stands can take 3-5 weeks.

Kiosk Reporting

Kiosk Deposit Report

Kiosk transactions are batched and deposited separately from the rest of your giving, thus, have independent deposit reports.
Pull kiosk batch deposit reports through Reports > Deposits - Kiosks. Read more in Kiosk Deposit Report.

View Kiosk Giving Activity

The Reports > Transactions tab shows every gift processed through your Kindrid Giving account, including kiosk gifts. You can quickly see which gifts were made via kiosk by filtering payment method (select Kiosk Credit/Debit Card) or by just looking at the data in the Payer column (KIOSK_CC/DC). 


  • If your organization uses a Kindrid + ChMS integration, your kiosk giving data will automatically sync to your ChMS.
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