Your Reports tab is the hub for all giving reports. Your giving data is tracked and sorted into reports most commonly used by our clients.

Access Reports

Navigate to your manager dashboard. Hover your cursor over Reports to see a list of different report formats.

  • Auto-Donations: View, filter, and manage all recurring gifts.
  • Transactions: Access data about all gifts and payments, sort gifts by giving channel or payment method, and issue refunds.
  • Deposits: See detailed reports of every batch of gifts deposited into your bank account.
  • Canned Reports: Create a custom report that can be filtered by date, donor name, giving method (kiosk or text), or by fund/campaign given. Find other commonly requested report formats here.
  • Auto Reports: Set up automatic emails to be sent to any staff member to notify them of giving activity over a specific time period.
  • Deposits - Kiosk: If your ministry has kiosks, pull the deposit reports from kiosk giving here.

Other important aspects of reporting are:

  • Data Exports: Download customized reports in Excel or CSV format. We also provide specifically formatted Excel reports for various church management software/databases.
  • ACH Failure Codes: Determine why an ACH gift declined.
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