Find additional report formats within your Canned Reports. 

Some reports can be downloaded in the format of an Excel or .csv file:

  • Custom Report by Date Range (more below)
  • Quickbooks Export

Other popular reports are available to view:

  • Person (Year to Date, Last Year, Month to Date, Last Month)
  • Fund (Year to Date, Last Year, Month to Date, Last Month)
  • Transaction (Month to Date, Last Month)
  • Form Payments Report
  • Batch Deposit Report
  • ChMS Sync Errors

Access Canned Reports

Navigate to your manager dashboard. Hover your cursor over Reports and select Canned Reports.

Download Custom Report by Date Range

The following method can be used to generate an Excel/.csv file of a custom report that can be filtered by date, giver name, giving method (kiosk or text), or by fund/campaign given. After accessing your Canned Reports (see above)...

  1. Click on Custom Report by Date Range at the bottom of your Canned Reports page. This allows you to choose what filters should appear on your report. 
  2. Choose your report filters.
    • Edit the time frame of transactions by completing the From and To fields.
    • Within the Organize Report By dropdown menu, select whether you’d like the report to be filtered by date, name, fund, or giving method. 
  3. When your filters have been set, click Search
  4. Review the results. You’ll see a report of your specified timeframe including giver name, giver address, amount, payment type, date, transaction ID, and fund designation.
  5. To download this report, click Create Export.
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