With your giving platform, you have total control over email messaging! Create highly customized, even personalized, automated emails. 

Learn about customizing these email messages:

  • New Giver Welcome
  • Gift Confirmations
  • Confirmations for payments, event registrations, and so much more

New Giver Welcome Email

Customize the welcome email sent to new givers! 

Navigate to your manager dashboard. Click Organization (top banner), then select Email Templates from the dropdown menu.

Use tags to automatically populate the email with custom values. 

For example, if you'd like the email to address your new giver by name, enter the [fullname] tag where his name should be. 

Available tags are: 

  • [fullname] = Giver's full name
  • [churchname] = Your organization's name
  • [username] = Giver's email that he'll use for future logins
  • [purl] = Your organization's primary giving link

Gift Confirmation Emails

Create customized gift confirmation emails using form email notifications.

Other Confirmation Emails

Use form email notifications to create customized payment confirmations, event registration confirmations, and more!

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