In this guide, we'll walk you through the CCB integration process.

One-Time Setup

1. Once you're logged into your CCB account, click the Settings gear icon in the top right corner and select the "API" button.

2. Click the "Add a new API User" button.

3. Create an account with the username "Kindrid" (without quotes) and your own password. You can leave the Primary Organization Contact Information Information section blank. Click Save when you're finished.

4. Click on the "Users" tab and select "Kindrid" from the list of users. Then click on the highlighted "Kindrid" name in the API User Account Details section. 

5. From the "Services" tab, click the checkbox next to the three permissions below and click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

  • individual_search
  • online_giving_insert_gift
  • transaction_detail_type_list

6. Copy the "Your API URL" in the Summary tab and paste it in the CCB Integration tab of your Kindrid Dashboard (if you don't have access to this page, please send us an email). Also, type in the username "Kindrid" and the password you just created. When you're done, click the Save & Next button.

7. You'll be directed to the CCB Funds page where you can set a default fund. This will be the fund that all gifts are directed to unless they have a special designation.

That's it! While the integration is complete, please keep reading to make sure everything is set up properly.

Unmatched Givers

As givers start using Kindrid there are two situations where they may not automatically match, in which case they'll be posted to your CCB Unmatched Givers page. 

  • The giver is brand new and there is no existing record for them in your CCB system. 
  • The giver registers in Kindrid with information that doesn't match their information in your CCB system. 

Handling Unmatched Givers

There are a few different ways you can have Kindrid search CCB. You can adjust these settings at any time based on how you keep your records. The top four options indicate how we will search your system. Keep in mind, when searching, we are only looking for personal information, not household information. If checked, the bottom option will apply to whichever of the top four you have chosen. This means we will only match a giver if their personal information and name exactly match what is in CCB. This is the most conservative option as it will eliminate any possible mismatches, but due to the variance in how people enter their names it could create several unmatched givers.

If you have unmatched givers, don’t be afraid! This is actually a good thing as it means you have new people giving to your Church. For each unmatched giver there is a “Search” button. By clicking this button you can search your CCB database for the appropriate record and match them. In the future, all of their gifts will be automatically matched and pushed. If they do not exist in CCB at all, you will need to create a profile for them in CCB and then return to your Dashboard to match them.

Keep in mind, a gift is not sent into CCB until the giver has been matched. It is important to check for unmatched givers at least once every week. Every time you manually match a giver to their CCB record, it is best to contact our support team so we can make sure their gifts are promptly pushed to your CCB system.


Designations, also referred to as keywords, are tools for tracking gifts. They are perfect for keeping track of funds for specific campaigns, multi-location giving, or raising missionary support. Learn more here.

You will need to connect these designations to the appropriate funds in your CCB system. You can do this during the designation creation process, or by clicking on an existing designation.

Multi-Location Tracking

If your church meets at multiple locations, you can refer to this guide to set them up!

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